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KFC -Retail : To start the KFC franchise in India, one requires an investment and a 1000 to 1500 square feet space.

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KFC franchise business opportunities the company has invited people for franchisee.

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KFC Franchise | A Golden Opportunity in Fast Food Industry !


KFC franchise business is one of the undoubted profitable and rewarding options for people who are planning to start a retail-based food service KFC franchise opportunity in India. But before stepping in, just analyze and decide based on your skills, interest, experience, and knowledge whether this KFC franchise business opportunity fits you.

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KFC Franchise Bucket


History & detailing service


340 open restaurants in top 100 city of India

  • Year Business Began : 1939
  • Franchising Since:  1952
  • Headquarters:  Louisville, Kentucky
  • Estimated Number of Units:   21,445

KFC Franchise Description: The franchisor is KFC Corporation (KFCLLC) whose parent is YUM! Brands, Inc. Franchisees operate a dine-in and carryout KFC outlet, which prepares and sells chicken and other menu items KFCLLC approves. The Franchise Agreement grants franchisees a license to use (i) certain KFC trademarks, trade names, service marks, logos and commercial symbols the franchisor periodically authorizes, including the “KFC” and “Kentucky Fried Chicken” marks; and (ii) the proprietary business formats, methods, procedures, designs, layouts, standards and specifications the franchisor authorizes, solely in connection with the operation of the Outlet KFC.

What are the steps to get KFC franchise in India?

How much cost needed? For kfc franchise in India

1.KFC Franchisee must attend and complete, the initial training program offered by KFC on the operation of an Outlet. Franchisee may designate a key operator to complete the Key Operator Restaurant Training. Owner of the KFC franchisee will have to attend three days training program at our head office before opening of the franchisee in this training program they have to cover product knowledge about margin and selling skills. 

As a KFC franchiser you must more focus on customer’s satisfaction. At the franchiser’s direction, other employees of franchiser must attend and complete the training program to Domino’s satisfaction. All training programs will be scheduled as needed at KFC designated national, regional or divisional offices or other places as the franchiser may designate. Training programs include computer-based training through its Learning Zone program, written material, on-the-job training at other Outlets and classroom instruction. The individual who completes the Key Operator Restaurant Training will train employees at the Outlet. The franchiser may require franchisee and their employees attend and complete additional and ongoing refresher training courses, programs and seminars at such times and locations that KFC reasonably requires.

Second steps to get open a kfc franchises?

2.We are an American Chicken restaurant chain headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. that specializes in Chicken. We are changing ourselves as per Country, State, Region Requirements, it means we are very customer centric and focusing on customer satisfaction.

Third steps to get open a kfc franchises?

3.If we talk about how much cost required to open a KFC restaurant than here are the details. To open a KFC restaurant we need managerial skills that will add a big advantage to overstep into this business. A successful entrepreneur who have run his/her business very smoothly and successfully throughout the year. A committed person who keeps the customer satisfaction on high priority. 

A person who can develop him/herself according to the situation that situation can positive or negative. A person required who have spirit to never give up. For a traditional KFC Chicken store, the cost of investment that an investor has to incur in order to become a KFC franchise owner comes to around 50 Lakhs rupees. For non-traditional stores, an investor will have to put up around 1 crore rupees in order to own a KFC franchise.

Last steps to get open a kfc franchises?

4.If you want to open a KFC franchise in India than you need to follow some easy steps to get it. Visit our official franchise/channel development website a https://kfcfranchisesolution.com/A location in which minimum 100000 population containing with high purchasing capacity. Minimum radius of 2.5 Km of the other franchise unit. Go to apply section and fill the requirements very carefully. If we will have vacancy in your applied area than our executive will contact you. You will get a application form that you need to filled up and send us.

KFC Franchise Profits & Margin:

KFC Franchise is a branded fast-food company and in India it is very popular. Investors are willing to join the franchise mode of KFC . History of KFC.

KFC Franchise Menu

The profit margins for a KFC franchise in India may vary depending on many factors, such as location, size, and expenditures required in running the outlet. But, I’ve provided an estimate of the profit margins for a franchise of KFC below:

We can conclude that the profit margin is 600000(total sales) x 10% = 60,000/10 day. KFC Franchise In starting days the profit will less but after some times the profit will be 20% of total sales.

All the data is not accurate, we are providing this as per the. assumption, because it completely depends upon the area, location and city of the outlet If the outlet earns 60,000/day that means earns 600000/10 day. So for more accurate information please contact to the master KFC Franchise.

Gross SalesRs. 6,00,000/10 days
Food Cost @35%Rs. 2,10,000
RentRs. 90,000
Electricity and Water SupplyRs. 27,000
Salary of Workers and their ExpensesRs. 1,00,000
Aggregator Commission (Zomato, Swiggy)Rs. 20,000
Royalty Fee @5%+GSTRs. 33,000
TransportRs. 20,000
Other expenses (Software, Maintenance and Misc.)Rs. 40,000
Net ProfitRs 60,000

KFC Franchise In India Requirement

A minimum of 50 lakh rupees will come from an individual’s end as KFC franchise in India costs. An additional royalty charge of 4-5% on total sales or potentially higher will also be charged.

Some of the other KFC Franchise requirements are as follow

  • A beneficial set of managerial skills can greatly benefit this endeavor.
  • A history of successful entrepreneurship is a definite plus.
  • Unwavering dedication to prioritizing customer satisfaction is paramount.
  • The ability to adapt to a wide range of situations, whether they be positive or challenging.
  • Resilience and an unwavering determination to persist are vital qualities for success.

How to Get a KFC Franchise in India?

KFC Franchise

If you want to open a KFC franchise in India,

visit our official website and complete your KFC Franchise Application.

Some other things you need to check out for are –

  • Find a place with at least 100,000 people and a large purchasing power.
  • Ensure a minimum radius of 2.5 km from other existing franchise units.

Prospective franchisees must successfully finish KFC’s initial training program, which covers every facet of managing an outlet. An alternative is for a chosen key operator to go through restaurant key operator training. Additionally, the franchise owner must attend a three-day training course at our corporate headquarters before opening their franchise. This thorough instruction disseminates vital information about goods, profit margins, and sales strategies.

KFC Franchisee requirements are as follows -

An uncompromising dedication to placing client satisfaction first is crucial for KFC franchisors. Additionally, other employees might also be required to participate in training programs, at the franchisor’s discretion. KFC-recognized national, regional, or divisional offices as well as other specified places may host these activities. Training methods include classroom courses, instructional materials, hands-on training in other locations, and computer-based Learning Zone systems.

The person who successfully completes the Key Operator Restaurant Training is in charge of supervising the staff at the outlet. Franchisees and their staff may be required to attend periodic refresher training sessions; KFC will decide the specifics of these requirements.


KFC franchise not only offers delicious, yummy chicken, it also provides strong profitable franchise opportunity to investors. Furthermore, it franchises under KFC Corp. (KFC LLC). KFC is one of the best fast food franchises in the world. Many investors are investing in this company due to its brand value and benefits. KFC supports fully the new investors and provide comprehensive training to run the business successfully. But starting a KFC franchise in India can be a challenging but potentially rewarding venture. However, with the right investment and strategic planning, a KFC franchise in India can offer an opportunity to tap into a growing market and establish a profitable business.

For any inquiries please email

Corporate Office:- 702, Prism Towers, Link Road, Goregaon West (Behind Hypercity, Mindspace), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India , Pin Code 400062 CIN No. – L55204MH2009PLC197005